Sunday, August 23, 2009


I have a lot of experience when we do our research paper entitled " Reasons Behind Prostitution as Experienced by some Females Working in Night Clubs in Baclaran". We made a one on one interview with the prostitutes at 3am coz that is their time doing their show. I was shocked even though I already know what's inside the club. ther's a lot of females dancing on stage, some are sitting with their customers. As part of our research paper, we prepared some questions for them to answered. First of the list is their age, most of the females are under age ranging from 15-18 years old. We all know that their reason is poverty that's why they have no choice but to grab that work even though they dont like to work in that place. One of the girls I interview, she is only 18 years old but she had a two daugther. On the other hand, they are all approachable and nice, they say what they want to say and feel. Haizt, hope we understand that they only doing that such thing not only for themselves but also for their family.


  1. Hi,
    Do you know 2 sisters that are dancers there Lance & Jahne? Does Lance still work there?.
    All the best with your studies,i hope you pass your exams.

  2. Hi Behbz,
    James again,you look cute.
    I await your answer re the question about the sisters.
    Bye, James